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Keli And Team Are Amazing!


5 out of 5 - by on Jan 24, 2019

My husband and I are extremely pleased with Keli Carr and team. Keli did an amazing job with closing on our house and always had our best interest in mind.

We had made an offer on a house and Kelly was great at communicating worst case scenario what we would have to come with out-of-pocket as well as our monthly payment. She did an amazing job going over different options with us and explaining how things can Interchange to benefit our situation. She stayed within our budget and never pushed us to do more. She was informed of our situation and knew what we wanted before talking with her just from interacting with a member of her team.

During the closing of our house the seller had an issue which resulted in us walking away from our offer. We found another house within a week and Keli was able to close on that house in 2 weeks! This was super beneficial to our situation. I was very impressed, you do not hear very often of a two-week close! My 2-week close went extremely smooth. Keli stayed in touch updating me on all progress and helped me get any information she needed if I had any issues. With this second offer she even gave us advice as to what to negotiate to better benefit our situation.

Kelly and team delivered on everything she said they would do, communicated with us very efficiently over Zoom video which was able to show us exactly what she was talking about. Being I work in retail this made things extremely easy for me as I am not always able to meet in person.

In the end we are very happy with our house! we have a lower monthly payment then we thought we would going into this and less out-of-pocket! We got the house in the restricted timeline we needed and none of it would have happened without Keli Carr! Thank you I would recommend anyone to Keli Carr and team! They are truly amazing at what they do and you can tell they are a good team!


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